Drums are for everyone. All cultures make drums and use drums for ceremony, for ritual, for healing and for pleasure. Drums are the heartbeat of the soul, and whatever heals my soul and the soul of the world I will keep on doing.

All individuals and all cultures have gifts to share. One of my gifts is the making of drums. It is my responsibility and my joy to share this gift. I have permission to do so from spirit and from my soul, who is calling me to this adventure.

Sharing My Gold

Make Your Own Drum

To make one's own drum adds to the sacredness of the instrument. We will stretch a hide over a red cedar frame, share a few stories and bless our drums with sage that we picked this past summer.

To make your own drum check out the workshops page.

Custom Made Drums

Drum making is a pleasure and a passion for me. I will make a drum for you, from a 13" frame drum up to a 30" community drum and bigger. Frames also available.

To purchase a drum go to http://mistermarrazzo.com/drums 

To have me build a drum for you, call me.   Carlo Marrazzo ... 780-293-7081


With left over hide from drum making and found wood, healing rattles are born.

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