The Beginning

How the drum came into being

The people were in trouble 

Race against race

Tribe versus tribe

Antagonistic family dynamics

Each human an island upon one self

The rhythm of life out of sync

Culture seemingly deteriorating to the point of no return

Or so they say.

But the end is never the end

The end always has a new beginning hidden within itself

The people not knowing what to do

Consulted an old eagle grandmother

The oldest most compassionate being at the time.

She took out her beating heart

And gave it to the people

To bring the rhythm of life back into the world.

And that heart she gave them became a drum

The drum you make today

The drum you play when your life is out of sync

The drum when you need to bring the rhythm of life back into your heart

And into the heart of the world.

Adapted from a story by Michael Meade

A Tall Tale

Sharing My Gold

If you go to the edge of the forest and yell out Iron John 3 times, the dark wild moist hairy man will appear and grant you all the gold and silver that you can possibly use. But. The work has to be done before you can even know where the forest is and how to get there. The task at hand is to let the wild man out of his cage and set out with him for some instruction and some healing.  

Once upon a time, in this world, a younger old man drove off into the forest in search of some wildness. At this place where noisy humans gather, an elder headed Raven tells him to get out and get out now. The path does not lay here; you must go to the land of bones where the rattler lives and where you will heed the words of the ancient Cottonwood. This is where the sound of the drum begins to bid for our traveler’s attention.

Much time passes before he can wander in search of a bit more gold. It is said that pure gold is formed in the depths of the most infected of wounds. To get at this treasure a vision is required. Off he goes again to delve deep down to where the maggots are, and to where he can polish the gold underneath.

The wind is relentless on the highest point of the prairie above words written on stone walls. It forces our adventurer to retreat behind his trusty steed on which he arrived. Feeling that he failed to complete his quest the return to the everyday is confusing and painful. Until Jones, a guide of much esteem informs him that in making the attempt the covering has been removed and the path is there to be traversed. No turning back now.

Little by little the gold is revealed. The beat of the drum keeps calling and being of skilled hands and swift of mind with passion to spare, a drum is formed. The first drum; to call the spirits and to heal his soul and to help heal the soul of the world.

More confident and going out into the world, his skills are noticed and this website is born to help share his gold.

From the works of the Brothers Grimm, Robert Bly, Michael Meade, Randy Jones, Daniel Deardorf and Martin Shaw with a smattering of Martin Prectel.